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If you are new to importing and exporting, iPromo zone can provide import & export consulting services that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. First time importers and exporters can easily be overwhelmed by the countless number of compliance requirements and logistic options within a fragmented environment. We will consult on every aspect of importing and exporting including supplier selection, bonding, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, US Customs clearance, compliance, warehousing and distribution, as well as any other areas.

The international trade and logistics industry has a reputation for being unwelcoming to new importers and exports, many being discouraged and giving up before they even begin. With iPromo zone in your corner, you will have a complete source of information and services to assist in moving your goods around the globe. At iPromo Zone, our customers experience a personalized relationship that is built to help them achieve their goals and provide reliable solutions.  Our consulting services will help you set up and solidify  your importing or exporting business from the start.  We can help you avoid unnecessary delays, and will help you streamline your supply chain while giving you the confidence you need to compete in the global market.


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